Certified RE Divorce Specialist

I am a certified divorce specialist, and I understand the complexities of marketing a home during these difficult circumstances. The fundamentals are not the same when selling your home for a settlement, and it requires more attention. Trying to work with parties that are in disagreement is one of my specialties. I understand the dynamics, feeling a personal bond to the families I have worked with and resolved issues between problematic sellers. My empathetic and compassionate nature, as well as my experience in the industry has worked well time and again to make the event more tolerable for all parties involved.

I chose to specialize in divorce real estate for a few reasons. To begin with I have the patience needed to handle the most always delicate situations that arise, especially in the matters of children. On the other hand, I maintain a fierce determination to see that all parties are treated fairly and equitably. As it happens quite often, I am referred by a friend of the divorcing couple, or I may know them personally. This does not change my mission of maintaining fairness to all parties involved

Β Β Β The ideal situation for me is to have everyone involved with the sale of the home at the first meeting to discuss the sale of the home, but often this is not possible. In any case, I will make every effort possible to discuss the matters personally, and work as hard as I must to bring the differing viewpoints to an agreement.Β 

Β Β Β Two of the most important factors of being a divorce real estate specialist is communication and trust. I consider communicating to be not only a skill, but a passion. I want to listen to each perspective, and I will do my best to bring about a clear understanding for all. And you can trust me to be honest and discretionary for the sake of both parties.Β 

Β Β Divorce real estate transactions are often complex and muddled. I have the patience and objectivity needed to handle it. I have the boldness needed to bring people together, and the desire to communicate to everyone concerned what needs to be addressed. And I am very trustworthy, discrete, and have the honesty that will make all the people involved more comfortable in their chaotic situations.

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